The Old Bloke.

A place to store the stuff I don't remember

So, What's here?

What do I have to offer.

General Code

A collection of general coding tips and tricks, not tied to any specific technology.

Angualr 2-6

Some of the things that I discovered along the way while creating my first Angular app.

iOS & Swift

A few of the bits and pieces I am picking up as a budding iOS developer. It may not be rocket science, but it covers the fundamentals.


An attempt to de-mystify a few of the more complex things you may want to do with Bootstrap 3.


A couple of the things I needed to know back when I thought PHP was going to be so cool.


DevExress for Winforms can be soo complicated, yet it has such brilliant facilities once you know how to use them.


Some of my personal opinions on every day topics in development.

What's new?

What have I worked on recently

Hopefully, this is going to be a dynamic site that I keep reasonabvly up to date (stop laughing at the back). Lets hope I can stick with it and keep adding stuff of vague interest. So, what have I been working on?

Animated search box

You could just put a search box on the screen. But it is much nicer if you can animate it onto the screen, don't you think...

A popup menu

Our message boxes so far have been useful. But they are capable of much more than a simple message box. With a change of style, we convery our message to a rather nice popup menu system.

Checking your code with Swiftlint

I'm not a great fan of lint programs. Most of the ones I have had experience of have been a right royal PITA. They tend to over-analyse your code, to pick out every trivial style issue whether it has a significant impact on the code or not. Technically, that is what they are for. Just most of them seem to go so over the top that you end up missing the issues in a sea of trivia.

Creating SuperTips in code

Supertips look good. Ok, it's a matter of opinion, but I like supertips in DevExpress. They give me the chance to put across what some obscure icon does in a way that, with the right skin, looks pretty attractive and is vaguely meaningful to the user...

Checked combo box of bit flags

I've had this situation turn up a couple of times. I have a set of flags that I want the user to pick from. They can select any combination of flags. All I want is a single int value I can save to or load from a database. Step in the CheckedComboBoxEdit..

Who Am I?

A jobbing developer who has been in the game a year or three.

A little about me

I'm old. Hell, I'm pushing 60 and in IT years that's practically pushing up the daisy's.

By now I'm supposed to be one of those management types that we typically love to hate. Old and out of touch with 'modern' practices, the 'waterfall generation' more conversant with COBOL than agile practices, responsive design and JavaScript. Spending their days going to interminable meetings and making unpopular decisions.

Sorry, not my style

My day job involves some of that (not the COBOL bit) but, at heart, I'm a developer. I write code. And that's fantastic. And that's what I want to do until I retire.

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