computerised old man with walking stick

My name is Steve

I'm a curmudgeonly old programmer

I'm old.

Hell, I'm over 50 and in IT years that's practically pushing up the daisy's.

By now I'm supposed to be one of those management types that we typically love to hate. Old and out of touch with 'modern' practices, the 'waterfall generation' more conversant with COBOL than agile practices, responsive design and JavaScript. Spending their days going to interminable meetings and making unpopular decisions.

Sorry, not my style

My day job involves some of that (not the COBOL bit) but, at heart, I'm a developer. I write code. And that's fantastic. And that's what I want to do until I retire.

Note For many years, I coded these articles in HTML. Well, I finally decided to recode them in MarkDown. So, while I'm doing that, there may be a few typos and formatting issues. Bear with me...