Unit testing internal classes

Those people that know me know that I have every respect for the concept of Unit Testing code. They also know that I have some issues with the implementation of unit tests where they interfere with the day to day operation of my code. I struggle with the concept of changing my production code purely to make it “testable” when those changes may work to make the code less reliable. Continue reading Unit testing internal classes

Adventures in PHP Land – 2

I wrote a short post a while back called Adventures in PHP Land that briefly documented my first PHP project, a web site for my employer Lucidus. Well, the site went live on the first domain over at lucidusonline.co.uk and looked good. No major hassles and everything displayed how I expected it to.

Then I uploaded the same site to the main Lucidus domain.

Nothing worked. Continue reading Adventures in PHP Land – 2


Motivation isn’t one of those things I’ve lacked in IT. I’ve always been the kind of bloke who arrives early, puts in a full days work before going home and turning the PC on to do a bit more. It’s just the way I am, I love writing code and I love working with PCs.

Until recently, anyway. Continue reading Motivation

Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development – TDD

Maybe it has a lot to do with my “introduction” to TDD but I don’t get it. What’s the point of TDD?

I get writing test and think that’s a terrific idea. I’ve written a fair number of class libraries and, where possible, I’ve attempted to get as much test coverage as possible using automated tests. They’ve saved me on a number of occasions and, perhaps more importantly, they have made me think about what I am trying to achieve and to re-think the way I was proposing to achieve it. Continue reading Test Driven Development